Why haven’t I been writing?

It’s been so long since I blogged! How did this happen?

Remember that new job I was agonising over applying for? Well, I got it! Several months in and well past the “honeymoon period”, it’s still … beyond awesome. The application and interview process for this were a really big deal for me – I’d got so hung up about my problems with interviews and how difficult they are for autistic people. I’d really love to write about that here, as it’s the sort of story I’d have wanted / needed to read every time I’ve applied for jobs in the past (including this time). But today is not quite the day.

I’m writing up my PhD. This is massive on its own, and alongside a full time job it’s frequently overwhelming. I’ve been pretty stressed and tired for a long time now, and am using up almost every “writing spoon” I have getting that on paper as quickly and coherently as possible. It’s going slowly, but hopefully it won’t be too many months before that’s ready to submit.

I’m talking more about my autism in “real life”. This is a tricky one. There’s so much benefit to doing this in terms of personal safety, security and mental health (minimising anxiety), but it does mean I have to think much more carefully about protecting my identity online. It’s best if I don’t tell the same stories in the same words here.

And I joined a new choir! So much music to learn! As if I wasn’t busy enough already…

So this site has had to take a back seat for a while, and will I think for a little while longer. But with a new job and now some great examples of how things CAN work for Aspies like me in the workplace, abandoning this blog is the last thing I want to do.

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